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Magento Commerce 2.10.0 Release

  • Improvement: The M2 Bolt Plugin now supports Amasty’s latest gift card extension.
  • Improvement: The M2 Bult Plugin now supports the Aheadworks gift card extension.
  • Improvement: Recharged orders handled in the back office now generate offline invoices and move to a Processing status.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where the checkout modal was not re-validating discount offerings when changes were made to the cart’s item quantity.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where shoppers were unable to checkout after removing a discount code.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue with applying discount codes to orders made through the virtual terminal.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where virtual goods with tax added could not be purchased.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where the Gift designator for a purchase was not being communicated to the Admin console.
  • Improvement: Merchants can now use the “isIgnoreHookForInvoiceCreationEnabled” flag to disable Bolt’s invoice creation. This allows certain ERPs, such as NetSuite, to generate their own invoice without any conflicts.

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