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Magento 2 2.22.0



This release has been temporarily retracted. Bolt has prevented further installations of this version of M2.

While we do not expect merchants who have have already installed this update to be impacted, you should reach out to a Bolt representative in the event of discrepancies or other issues.

The New

  • Custom order notes are now supported using the field customer_note. Agents can access this field on the order from the Magento dashboard.
  • A new endpoint for fetching product inventory is now available.
  • Merchants can now choose to sync orders between Bolt and Magento post-purchase; reach out to your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature.
  • The M2 plugin now supports the Magecomp Extra Fee extension.

The Improved

  • We’ve improved page loading speed by selectively postponing when connect.js is loaded.

The Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where billing addresses were considered invalid if they were created or changed on a native checkout page.
  • Resolved issue where shoppers could occasionally get stuck on a loading screen during the Payment step based on the payment processor used by the merchant.
  • Resolved issue where tax calculations would error out when the shopper’s cart contained virtual goods and the merchant was using split shipping and tax endpoints.
  • Resolved issue where calculating taxes on a cart threw the following error: Unprocessable Entity: No such entity with cartId = ###.
  • Resolved issue where Bolt’s V2 Checkout Button did not load correctly from the minicart.
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