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Shopper IP Address Collection for Embedded Accounts

The Improved

Bolt is improving authorization rates by including the shopper’s IP address in our approval processes. This applies to both guest and logged-in shoppers.


You must already be using Embedded Accounts.

About this Functionality

  • The /v1/account/exists endpoint will create a record of the shopper’s valid email address and IP address. This data is retained only for the time strictly necessary to successfully authorize a transaction. It is then deleted from our servers. If you wish to use this particular functionality, this endpoint must be called from the browser.
  • IPs are stored when a Shopper OAuth (login) session is created (either via our Authorization Modal or Auto Login component).
  • The /v1/merchant/transactions/authorize endpoint will retrieve the shopper’s IP address using the email provided in the user_identifier field, if available.
  • If you are using Adyen as your payment processor, Bolt will securely pass the Shopper’s IP directly to their service.

How to Implement

Most merchants have already set up their Accounts components to collect the needed information to implement this functionality. Check your configuration using the list below to ensure proper setup.

To implement this new functionality:

  • When detecting shopper accounts, call the /v1/account/exists endpoint from the browser.
  • Require shoppers to enter their emails during checkout, then pass that email value in an authentication call (using the Embedded API) to the user_identifier object as the email field.
  • Provide OAuth tokens in the same authentication call.
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