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Set Up Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce
Follow the steps in this article to set up your BigCommerce site integration with Bolt One-Click.

Step 1: Connect to Bolt

You can connect to Bolt from BigCommerce, or from our Quick Connect wizard.

Via BigCommerce Admin Dashboard

  1. In the BigCommerce admin dashboard, navigate to Store Setup > Payments.
  2. In the Checkout Payment Settings tab, scroll to the Accelerated Checkout section to find Bolt. Click Get Started.
  3. On the Bolt Settings tab, click Connect. The Create a Bolt Merchant Account page loads.

Quick Connect

If you choose to connect using our Quick Connect wizard:

  1. Click the Open Quick Connect button below.
  2. Sign into your BigCommerce account when prompted.
  3. Continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Create a Bolt Merchant Account

  1. On the Create a Bolt Merchant Account page, ensure the following information is populated:
    • • First Name
    • • Last Name
    • • Email Address
    • • Store Name
    • • Website URL
  2. In the Payment Processor field, select the desired payment processor.
  3. Click Create Account.

Step 3: Set Up Payment Processor

After you have created your Bolt Merchant Account, you’ll be directed to the Payment Processor selection page. On this page:

  1. Select your payment processor from the provided list. If you do not see your processor, reach out to our Support Team.
  2. Fill out the requested information. Click on your processor from the list below for instructions on how to create and enter your connection credentials.

  3. Adyen

    Click to expand.


    Click to expand.


    Click to expand.


    Click to expand.


    Click to expand.


    Click to expand.

  4. After your payment processor is connected, click Complete setup.

How Bolt works with existing card processors

For your customer to have a streamlined experience inputting their credit card information, Bolt will automatically disable duplicate instances of your payment processor to prevent confusion for your shoppers. Doing so ensures that Bolt is displayed as “Credit/Debit Card”.

Because you have successfully integrated with Bolt One-Click Checkout, Bolt will now be a gateway between your checkout and your payment processor.

This does not disable payment providers' transactions from your site, nor does it disable your payment processor or alternative payment methods.

dual credit card statement


Bolt will only disable duplicate credit card processors when it is the same one connected to your Bolt account. If you are using a card processor that is not supported by Bolt, you must disable these other card processors manually.

Step 4: Configure Capture Settings

After you connect your desired payment processor, you need to configure transaction Capture Settings.

  1. In the Capture Settings dropdown, select the desired capture method.

    Option Definition Example Also Known As…
    Auto-capture The system captures funds at point of purchase. The system charges the user’s card when they purchase the item. Immediate Capture
    Manual Captures funds either partially or in full at a later date upon explicit confirmation from the merchant. This confirmation can be manual or can be automated through a shopping cart integration. For example, the system charges the user’s card after the item is marked as “shipped” by the merchant. Delayed Capture
  2. Click Connect [Processor Name], where the [Processor Name] is the processor you selected.


If, in the future, you need to change your capture settings, create a ticket with Bolt Support and request the change.

Step 5: Enable Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

In the event that your APMs were disconnected from your checkout during this process, you’ll see a message letting you know that you may need to reconnect your APM.

We recommend you select “Yes” and re-enable your APMs directly into the checkout. BigCommerce will take you through the flow you need to properly configure your settings.

Options for {{Your APM}}
This action will disable both credit card payments and {{Your APM}}.
Do you want to change your selection?

Next Steps

Next, we recommend diving into the Bolt experience and using the Merchant Dashboard for your transaction analytics, and more. You can learn more about your Merchant Dashboard in this Merchant Dashboard Tour video, tailored for BigCommerce Merchants!

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