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Set Up Fraud Risk Assessment Only
Learn how to set up Bolt Fraud Risk Assessment only without the One-Click Checkout feature.


Bolt Risk Assessment as a standalone service is only available for BigCommerce.

Before You Start

  1. Install the BigCommerce One-Click App from the BigCommerce App Marketplace.
  2. Reach out to a Bolt Support Representative to enable Fraud Risk Assessment only for BigCommerce.
  3. Reach out to BigCommerce Support and request they disable the One Click experiment and enable the Configuration Mode experiment.
  4. Complete payment processor setup.
  5. Obtain Bolt API Keys.


A Bolt Support representative can reach out to BigCommerce on your behalf if you prefer.

Setup Fraud Risk Assessment Only

  1. In the BigCommerce Dashboard, navigate to Store Setup > Payments > Online Payment Methods > Bolt and select the Bolt Settings tab.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
  • API Key
  • Publishable Key: The publishable key is a long string of lower and upper case letters and numbers that consists of three sections. publishable key
  • Signing Secret
  1. In the Configuration Mode dropdown, select Bolt Fraud.
  2. Click Save.

Customer Experience

When using Bolt Fraud Risk Assessment without the app’s One-Click Checkout functionality on your store, customers will see the following behavior:

  • The checkout UI will remain unchanged except for Step 4, where shoppers will enter their payment information in the Bolt modal instead of the native BigCommerce checkout fields.
  • Shoppers will not receive a prompt to sign up for a Bolt account.
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