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5. Preview Shopper Experience
Preview your shopper's checkout experience using Bolt One-Click checkout.

Curious about what your shoppers will see when you have Bolt One-Click Checkout in your store?

This video will show you how your shoppers (whether they have a Bolt Account or not!) will experience Bolt’s optimized checkout! This video will walk you through the experiences of shoppers with and without a Bolt Shopper Account.

  • Shoppers who are not logged into Bolt or do not have a Bolt Shopper Account will enjoy a swift checkout with the opportunity to join the Bolt Network and create an account, which will make returning to your store for a second full cart clear choice!
  • Logged In Bolt Network Shoppers will enjoy a frictionless, one click checkout experience. They’ll securely log in via a one-time verification code, which is sent to them via email or text after they put their phone number into your checkout.

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