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3. Review Order Status Mapping
Learn how to map order statuses between Bolt and Adobe Commerce systems.

As Bolt processes an order, it transitions through several different statuses. You can view these statuses from the following resources:

Order Status Mapping

Use the following table to map Bolt order statuses from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and Bolt Webhooks to Adobe Commerce Order statuses.

Bolt Status Adobe Status Description
IN REVIEW PAYMENT REVIEW Orders are set to a status of payment review when a shopper places an order on your Adobe store.
PROCESSING Orders are set to a status of processing when Bolt approves the order. If you have Bolt enable ‘auto-capture’, the payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment is captured when you issue an invoice.
REVERSIBLY REJECTED DEFERRED Orders are set to a deferred status when Bolt suspects the transaction is at high risk of being fraudulent and reversibly rejects the order. You may either force-approve or confirm the rejection from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Deferred orders are canceled if no action is taken within a few business days.
CANCELED Orders are set to a status of canceled when: an order is identified as fraudulent (irreversibly rejected) or an authorization has expired after 7 days.
FAILED AUTHORIZATION PENDING PAYMENT The system creates and then deletes the order.
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