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SAP Commerce Cloud - Managed Checkout
SAP Commerce Cloud is an extensible platform that you can pair with Bolt to provide delightful commerce experiences.

SAP Commerce Cloud is an extensible, flexible ecommerce platform that lets merchants provide a bespoke experience to customers. The power of this platform is contained in its modular approach. Business logic, APIs and frontend components are all separate modules that you can use based on how you want the platform to behave. SAP Commerce Cloud is also sometimes referred to as hybris.

Set Up Bolt Accounts on SAP


  1. Unzip the Bolt file provided by your CSM to a temporary folder.
  2. Copy the following directories to your Commerce Cloud installation:
  • boltbackoffice
  • boltocc
  1. Open the localextensions.xml file in the folder /hybris/config and add the following lines:
<extension name=’boltocc’ />
<extension name=’boltbackoffice’ />
  1. Restart the Server
  • Commerce Cloud:
    • • Deploy with Recreate
  • Local Setup
    • • Ant clean all
    • • Start server
    • • Perform a system update with the new extension


Only perform step 5. if the Bolt tab does not appear in the backoffice menu.

  1. Refresh Backoffice (if needed):
  • While in the Backoffice press F4 on your keyboard.
  • Select the menu icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Reset Everything.


  1. Copy the Bolt-Checkout folder into the standard Spartacus installation folder project folder/js_storefront/spartacusstore/src/app/Spartacus
  2. Open checkout-feature.module.ts in spartacus/features/checkout.
  3. Import the Bolt Checkout Module by adding it to the top of the file and adding it as in import.


import { BoltCheckoutModule } from '../../bolt-checkout-base/bolt-checkout.module' // imports Bolt Module

    declarations: [],
    imports: [CheckoutRootModule, BoltCheckoutModule], // add Bolt module here
    providers: [
            featureModules: {
                [CHECKOUT FEATURE]:{
                    module: () =>
                        import ('../../bolt-checkout-base/bolt-checkout.module').then(
                            (m) => m.BoltCheckoutModule

  1. Copy all the files under the spartacus/features/shared folder.
  2. Open the apps.module.ts and add the following to imports array: BoltMessageComponentModule
  3. Add ...boltErrorHandlers in providers array.


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