Install SSO
Learn how to integrate SSO with SFCC/SFRA V2 for Bolt.

Before You Start


It is optional to match a guest customer’s order to a new account if they’ve chosen to create one. Remove the confirmation redirect controller to skip this code.


  1. In Business Manager, navigate to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preference > Bolt Payment Settings > Enable Bolt SSO
  2. Select Yes and click Save.
  3. Navigate to Administration > Site Development > Open Commerce API Settings an ensure the following resouces are included:
  1. Contact your Bolt CSM and request they add the following Division URLs
  • {SFCC URL}/Login-OAuthRedirectBolt
  • {SFCC URL}Login-Logout


  1. Request that your CSM enable the following feature flag:
  • bolt_sso
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