Shopper Experience
This article will show you what your shoppers will see on your BigCommerce store when you utilize Bolt One-Click.

Curious about what your shoppers will see when you have Bolt One-Click Checkout in your store? The resources below will walk you through:

Shopper Experience

This video will show you how your shoppers (whether they have a Bolt Account or not!) will experience Bolt’s optimized checkout!

Shopper Types

  • Shoppers who are not logged into Bolt or do not have a Bolt Shopper Account will enjoy a swift checkout with the opportunity to join the Bolt Network and create an account, which will make returning to your store for a second full cart a clear choice!
  • Logged In Bolt Network Shoppers will enjoy a frictionless, one click checkout experience. They’ll securely log in via a one-time verification code, which is sent to them via email or text after they put their phone number into your checkout.

Bolt Shopper Accounts vs. BigCommerce Store Accounts

In the event that your shopper has a BigCommerce Store Account (or, while you are running tests and also have a BigCommerce Store Account), BigCommerce Store Accounts will have login precedence over Bolt Shopper Accounts. This usually happens when accounts are tied to the same email.

This means that a user with a BigCommerce Store Account, as well as a Bolt Shopper Account, will be logged into their BigCommerce Account first.

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