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BigCommerce - Embedded Accounts
BigCommerce Merchants can now enjoy and quickly set up Bolt One-Click Checkout.

Bolt provides qualifying BigCommerce merchants with Bolt One-Click Checkout. Adding Bolt to your checkout enables your shoppers to quickly move through the checkout experience with one click.

Delight shoppers with a secure, mobile-friendly buying experience and get 50% higher checkout conversion rates, more repeat purchases, and higher AOV with Bolt One-Click.

You can connect to Bolt from BigCommerce, or from our Quick Connect wizard.
If you choose to connect using our Quick Connect wizard, click the button below, sign into your BigCommerce account, then continue to Step 2.

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Before You Start
Requirements for using Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce.
Shopper Experience
This article will show you what your shoppers will see on your BigCommerce store when you utilize Bolt One-Click.
Set Up Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce
Follow the steps in this article to set up your BigCommerce site integration with Bolt One-Click.
How to Test One-Click for BigCommerce
Follow the steps in this article to test your BigCommerce site integration with Bolt One-Click.
Frequently asked questions for BigCommerce merchants using Bolt One-Click.
Merchant Dashboard Tour
Get a tour of your new Bolt Merchant Dashboard! Here, you'll learn more about the analytics Bolt offers, as well as how to view transactions from the dashboard.
Bolt provides a wide range of analytics and views, available in your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
Order Status Mapping
Learn how to map order statuses between Bolt and BigCommerce systems.
Learn how to manage refunds between Bolt and BigCommerce systems.
How to Disable Bolt
If you need to disable Bolt One-Click Checkout, follow these instructions to return to your previous checkout experience.
Risk Assessment
Check out this video to understand how Bolt's fraud risk assesment works with BigCommerce One-Click Checkout.
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