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Install Product Page Checkout
Learn how to integrate Product Page Checkout with SFCC/SFRA V2 for Bolt.

Before You Start


  1. In Salesforce Business Manager, navigate to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preference > Bolt Payment Setting - Managed Checkout > Enable Product Page Checkout.
  2. Select Yes and click Save.
  3. Request that your CSM enable the following feature flag:
    • Enable RemoteCheckout Orders


It is optional to match a guest customer’s order to a new account if they’ve chosen to create one. Remove the confirmation redirect controller to skip adding the server.replace method to your site.


  1. To enable product page checkout on bundle product page, add the code found in our Managed Demandware repo to path [cartridge/templates/default/product/components/] in your app storefront cartridge.
  2. To disable product page checkout button for specific products: In Business Manager, navigate to Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products, search for specific product, in General tab, search for attribute Hide Bolt Button PDP, update the value to Yes and Save.


Our plugin does not support:

  • Product Set Products
  • Quick View Checkout
  • ApplePay on Product Page
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