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Migrate to Native API Integration
Learn about the new Native API integration with Magento and how it can benefit your store.

Our M2 plugin now uses Magento’s Native API. This means Bolt pulls shipping options, tax rates, discounts, and creates orders without needing to use logic within the plugin. By migrating business logic to our backend, Bolt is able to continually release new improvements to our M2 plugin and provide a better user experience for merchants and shoppers.


Prior to Bolt’s integration with Magento’s Native API, much of Bolt’s business logic was stored within the plugin itself. This meant merchants had to upgrade their plugin code each time Bolt added new features or made a change. Moving forward, Bolt is focused on developing all our new M2 features using Magento’s Native API.

How It Works

The diagram below illustrates how Bolt leverages Magento’s Native APIs.

sequenceDiagram Magento Frontend->>Bolt Modal: Customer takes action on site. Bolt Modal->>Bolt Backend: Alerts Bolt to call Magento API. Bolt Backend->>Magento API: Bolt calls Magento API. Magento API->>Bolt Backend: Magento sends information back to Bolt. Bolt Backend->>Bolt Modal: Bolt reflects changes.

Merchant Benefits

  • Merchant sites will experience significantly improved load times, as API calls and processing requests take place on the Bolt side.
  • Magento’s Native API integration allows Bolt to make updates to our integration without the need for changes on the merchant’s side.
  • Bolt can ship bug fixes daily to our proxy layer without merchants needing to update the plugin. The result is less frequent, more impactful plugin releases.
  • Bolt can now integrate with 3rd party plugins more easily, and won’t need to add custom code to Magento.
  • Merchants will need to leverage less server resources when using the Native API version of the plugin.


Contact your Bolt Customer Success Manager to migrate to the Native API integration.


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