SFCC Data Flows
Understand how data flows between Bolt's SFRA Cartridge, Bolt's backend, and OCAPI.


The Bolt Checkout Package integrates the data flows described below out-of-the-box. This article explains in detail how Bolt passes data between the shopper, Bolt Cartridge, Bolt backend and OCAPI.

Sequence Diagrams for Bolt’s SFRA Integration

The Bolt Checkout data flow is powered by Bolt’s integration with the Salesforce Open Commerce API (OCAPI).

Pre-Checkout: Initializing Bolt

The Bolt Cartridge provides the Basket ID to Bolt’s FetchCart API. Bolt uses an OCAPI Session Bridge to get the shopper’s basket, tokenize the cart data, and return a Bolt Order Token to the SFRA Storefront. With a valid Bolt Order Token, Bolt’s frontend JavaScript can execute the BoltCheckout.configure() function to initialize and render the Bolt iFrame.

sequenceDiagram Shopper->>Bolt Cartridge: Selects the Bolt Checkout Button Bolt Cartridge->>Bolt Backend: /v1/order/fetch_cart {dwsid cookie} Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: Requests a JWT via the /customers/auth resource OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: JWT Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: Fetch the shopper's basket via the /basket/{basket_id} resource OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: SFCC Basket Object Bolt Backend->>Bolt Backend: Tokenizes basket data Bolt Backend-->>Bolt Cartridge: Bolt Order Token Bolt Cartridge-->>Shopper: Renders Bolt Checkout modal


The Bolt Checkout Modal is an iFrame hosted by Bolt. Once the shopper begins checkout, Bolt’s backend communicates with OCAPI to get, update, and create data within SFCC.

Below is an example of the One-Click flow when a logged-in shopper launches checkout:

sequenceDiagram Shopper->>Bolt Checkout: Logged in shopper launches checkout Bolt Checkout->>Bolt Backend: /v2/checkout UpdateShippingAddress Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: GET /baskets/{basket_id} OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Basket Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/customer OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Basket Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: GET /baskets/{basket_id}/shipments/me/shipment_methods OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Applicable Shipping Methods Bolt Backend-->>Bolt Checkout: Renders Shipping Options Bolt Checkout->>Bolt Backend: /v2/checkout UpdateTax Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/shipments/me/shipment_methods OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Basket Bolt Backend-->>Bolt Checkout: Renders Tax Value Shopper->>Bolt Checkout: One-Click Order Placement

Order Creation & Payment Authorization

Bolt uses a PreAuth Order Creation flow, meaning Bolt first updates the basket with the required attributes and creates the order in Commerce Cloud before attempting to authorize the shopper’s payment.

If merchants use SFCC to send order confirmation emails, the Bolt cartridge includes a controller which will call required B2C Script API.

After an order is created successfully Bolt will update the order asynchronously as the Bolt Transaction status is updated. See SFCC Order Status Mapping for the expected order, payment, and confirmation statuses.

sequenceDiagram Shopper->>Bolt Checkout: Places order Bolt Checkout->>Bolt Backend: POST /v1/consumer/credit_cards/authorize Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/billing_address OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Basket Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: GET /baskets/{basket_id}/payment_methods OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Applicable Payment Methods Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: POST /baskets/{basket_id}/payment_instruments OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Basket Bolt Backend->>OCAPI:POST /orders [Creates new order in SFCC] OCAPI-->>Bolt Backend: Order Bolt Backend->>Payment Processor: Authorize Payment with PSP Payment Processor-->>Bolt Backend: Authorize Response Bolt Backend-->>Bolt Checkout: Redirect URL Bolt Checkout-->>Shopper: Shopper redirected to the order confirmation page Note over Bolt Backend: Cartridge Controller used to trigger Confirmation Email Bolt Backend->>Bolt Cartridge: /Notification-OrderConfirmEmail Bolt Cartridge-->>Bolt Backend: Success Note over Bolt Backend: If Bolt Fraud is used, Fraud Scoring occurs here Bolt Backend->>OCAPI: PUT /orders/{order_id}/status
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