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Bolt's Dispute Representment
Learn about Bolt's dispute representment process. The information in this article applies if you use Bolt Payments or Fraud Protection.

This article describes how Bolt helps represent merchant-liable chargebacks for Bolt Payments or Fraud Protection users.


Fraudulent chargebacks that meet certain criteria are indemnified by Bolt, meaning we’ll reimburse you for the disputed funds. Learn more at Determining Liability.


  1. You receive an automated email notifying you that a merchant-liable chargeback has been filed. This email contains details about the order and the customer’s reason for initiating the chargeback.
  2. Review the transaction and decide whether you want to accept or dispute the chargeback.

Money Movement

  • The merchant’s account is debited for the amount of the chargeback
  • The customer receives the funds within the following 7 days
  • The merchant is charged an additional $15 chargeback processing fee

Accept Chargeback

If you accept a chargeback, you agree that the requested funds should be returned to the customer.

Respond to the email to notify Bolt’s chargebacks team that you are accepting the chargeback and do not need their representment. You don’t need to submit any documentation.

Dispute Chargeback

  1. If disputing, respond to the email and provide documentation. This notifies our chargebacks team that you are requesting their representment.


    Include as much documentation as you can in your initial email. We’ll let you know if we need additional materials, but this will reduce the amount of time you spend communicating back and forth with us.


    To qualify for Bolt’s representment, respond at least two business days prior to the chargeback’s expiration date.

  2. The chargebacks team begins the representment process. If the chargeback goes into an advanced dispute stage such as pre-arbitration or arbitration, the chargebacks team might request additional information or evidence from you via email.
  3. When the dispute is won or lost, you’ll receive an email notification. You can also check the status at any time in the Disputes section of the transaction’s details.


Occasionally, the chargebacks team may request more information or evidence via email to help them represent a Bolt-liable chargeback. Failure to reply to these requests may cause you to lose indemnification on the chargeback.

Bolt also recommends that you review the processor’s documentation regarding chargebacks and disputes.

Response Guidelines

The reply-by date in the notification email is determined by the card network and the chargeback stage. Respond by this date to ensure that our chargebacks team has enough time and materials to represent you.

Failure to respond to a chargeback or retrieval request can disqualify you from disputing the chargeback. If you do not send the requested documentation (or do not have access to it), you may assume responsibility for a Bolt-liable chargeback.

Submitting Evidence

Based on the reason code associated with this chargeback, attach the required evidence to your response email.

To increase your chances of winning this dispute, Bolt recommends that you submit as much evidence as you can, which should be specific, high-quality, and accurate.

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