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Download and Review Dispute Statements
Learn how to download and review dispute statements. The information in this article applies if you use Bolt Payments.

If you use Bolt Payments or Bolt Fraud, you can access dispute statements to track, manage, and reconcile your disputes.

Review statements to help answer questions about your existing disputes, such as the following:

  • How many disputes have I incurred?
  • Which disputes are Bolt liable for versus me?
  • Which disputes have been reimbursed?
  • How do I reconcile against my monthly invoice?

Access Dispute Statements

Export Statements

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Transactions > Disputes.
  3. Select Export disputes statements the Export dropdown.
    Select export disputes statements.
  4. Find the month of disputes that you wish to review or select Export custom statement. Select disputes month.
  5. If you selected Export custom statement, select the beginning and end dates of your statement from the modal. Select custom dates.

Retrieve Statements via API

See Bolt’s Statements endpoint /v1/statements reference to retrieve statements via API. To access dispute statements, set type to monthly_dispute.

Reading Dispute Statements

CSV Details

The following columns appear in dispute statements:

Column Name Format Description
Transaction Reference Integer The Bolt reference ID for this transaction.
Transaction Date Timestamp Date on which the shopper initiated the transaction.
Transaction Amount Integer Total in USD for the transaction.
Transaction Currency String ISO value for the currency used (e.g. USD).
Card Network String Credit card processer used by the shopper to make the transaction (e.g. Visa).
Commerce Platform Order ID Numerical String ID of the order as set by the merchant’s commerce platform.
Liability String The party responsible for covering the dispute (Bolt or the Merchant).
Dispute Reason String The shopper’s reason for initiating the dispute.
Dispute Creation Date Timestamp Date on which Bolt receives notification of the dispute.
Dispute Amount Integer Total amount being disputed.
Dispute Currency String ISO value for the currency used (e.g. USD).
Activity Date Timestamp The date on which Bolt receives notification of the latest action taken for the dispute.
Credit Debit Transaction Reference
Credit Amount
Debit Amount
Credit Debit Currency
Credit Debit Reason
Dispute Status String The status of the dispute. (notification, closed, in progress, won).
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