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Recharge a Shopper
How to recharge a customer in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard, for users of Fraud Protection.

For users of Fraud Protection, recharge a customer using the payment information on file.

About Recharges

Merchants may recharge a card for many reasons, for example, additional charges or recharging a voided transaction. Because recharges are tied to an existing transaction, recharges must be processed on the original card.


Merchants can recharge a shopper for an order that has been rejected as long as the initial authorization was accepted.

How to Recharge a Customer

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and navigate to Transactions.
  2. Click a transaction.
  3. Actions > Duplicate this payment.
  4. Complete all corresponding fields and select Charge.


Recharge transactions behave differently from regular transactions:

Functionality Availability
Syncing with commerce platform No
Fraud indemnification No
Charged Bolt fees No
Risk review No
Auto-approval Always
Auto-capture Always
Alternative payment methods No
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