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How to Link Abandoned Transactions

If you are creating orders through the frontend rather than through the pre-auth endpoint, the order creation can be interrupted by a disrupted internet connection during checkout or by a customer’s browser crashing.

To handle orphaned transactions, make sure that the pending transaction hook is capable of converting an existing cart order_reference into an order.

How to Verify Transactions are Linked

  1. Go through a complete checkout and ensure you receive a pending hook for the corresponding transaction.
  2. After the transaction passes the review, ensure you receive a payment or auth hook. The type will depend on whether you have configured for auth+capture or manual capture.
  3. If you are using manual capture, capture the transaction in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and ensure you receive a capture hook.
  4. Refund the transaction from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and ensure you receive a credit hook.
  5. (For pre-auth flow only) Attempt a transaction with an invalid credit card, ensure you get a failed_payment hook for this attempted transaction.