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Enable PayPal for Shoppers
How to set up PayPal for Bolt Checkout.

Enable shoppers to pay using their PayPal account during checkout. Unsure which alternative payment methods to set up? See all supported alternative payment methods.


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Before You Start

Merchants must have a pre-existing relationship with PayPal before setting up this payment method.

How to Add PayPal to Checkout


To set up PayPal for a sandbox environment, create a PayPal test account and connect using these credentials.

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  3. Find Alternative Payment Methods and click Add PayPal. An OAuth modal appears.
  4. Enter your PayPal login credentials.
  5. Return to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  6. Define default division settings:
  • Currency: Select the allowed currency.
  • Min Transaction Amount: Enter the minimum allowed transaction amount.
  • Max Transaction Amount: Enter the maximum allowed transaction amount.
  • Capture Payment: Enter either Immediately or Manually.
  1. To enable PayPal in checkout immediately, set the Enable in Checkout toggle to on . If you aren’t ready to make PayPal visible yet, leave this toggle off .
  2. Select Add PayPal.

Disable eCheck Payments

Bolt does not support eCheck payments. Disable this payment option to avoid payment errors.

Use PayPal’s documentation on setting payment receiving preferences to update these settings.

To disable eCheck payments, find Block the following payments and select Pay with eCheck transfer for all website payments except eBay.

Manage Division Settings

After you link your PayPal account, configure how PayPal works for each division.

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  3. Find Alternative Payment Methods and click Manage PayPal.
  4. Adjust the division settings and click Update.

Switch or Disconnect PayPal Account

Follow the steps in Switch or Disconnect Account.

Sandbox Testing

Refer to PayPal’s documentation on sandbox testing.

About PayPal Transactions

Transaction Statements

Due to being a separate funding process, PayPal transactions are not included in the following statements:

  • Monthly Statement CSV
  • Daily Funding CSV

On the transaction page export, in the Type column, you will see paypal_payment for PayPal transactions and applepay_payment for Apple Pay transactions.


You can refund PayPal transactions like any other Bolt transaction.

Fraud Review

PayPal transactions are not vetted by Bolt’s Fraud Review process and are not indemnified by Bolt. These transactions are indemnified by PayPal’s PayPal Seller Protection.

PayPal Fees

PayPal charges a fee for all credit card transactions. The fee is charged through PayPal directly via their Merchant Fees.


Transaction Amount Limits

Minimum None
Maximum $10,000 unverified account / $60,000 verified account


These figures are for guidance only. Check with your PayPal account representative to verify these limits.

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