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Enable Klarna for Shoppers
How to enable Klarna for Bolt Checkout.

Enable your shoppers to pay using Klarna’s “Pay in 4” installments and financing offerings during checkout. Unsure which alternative payment methods to set up? See all supported alternative payment methods.


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Before You Start

  • Merchants must have a pre-existing relationship with Klarna before setting up this payment method.
  • Klarna API Credentials (e.g., Username:UG100143_bc45sda456Of3)

Obtain Klarna Keys


To set up Klarna for a sandbox environment, create a Klarna test account to access the sandbox credentials.

  1. Go to your Klarna merchant account and retrieve the SFTP credentials:
    • SFTP Account Username
    • SFTP Account Password

Add Klarna to Bolt Checkout

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  3. Find Alternative Payment Methods and click Add Klarna. An OAuth modal appears.
  4. Input your Klarna Merchant Username and Merchant Password.


    Using Radial? If you are using Radial as your processor, you do not need to complete the Merchant Username and Merchant Password fields.

  5. Define Cart Thresholds. Klarna requires a cart minimum of $10.00 USD, however you can set your own maximum and minimum cart totals within Bolt from the Klarna Settings modal.
    • Maximum Cart Total: Total cart maximum in dollars (USD).
    • Minimum Cart Total: Total cart minimum in dollars (USD); Set to at least 10.
  6. Enter the SFTP credentials:
    • Settlement SFTP Username: Klarna SFTP Account Username.
    • Settlement SFTP Password: Klarna SFTP Account Password.
  7. Select Submit. A modal with your submitted credentials appears.
  8. Return to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  9. Define default division settings:
  • Currency: Select the allowed currency.
  • Min Transaction Amount: Enter the minimum allowed transaction amount.
  • Max Transaction Amount: Enter the maximum allowed transaction amount.
  • Capture Payment: Enter either Immediately or Manually.
  1. To enable Klarna in checkout immediately, set the Enable in Checkout toggle to on . If you aren’t ready to make Klarna visible yet, leave this toggle off .
  2. Select Add Klarna.

Manage Division Settings

After you link your Klarna account, configure how Klarna works for each division.

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  3. Find Alternative Payment Methods and click Manage Klarna.
  4. Adjust the division settings and click Update.

Switch or Disconnect Klarna Account

Follow the steps in Switch or Disconnect Account.

Sandbox Testing

Refer to Klarna’s documentation on sandbox testing.


Transaction Amount Limits

Amount Notes
Minimum $10
Maximum None Determined individually by Klarna’s underwriting engine


These figures are for guidance only. Check with your Klarna account representative to verify these limits.

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