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Enable Apple Pay for Shoppers
How to enable Apple Pay for Bolt Checkout.

Enable your shoppers to take advantage of their Apple Pay account during checkout. Unsure which alternative payment methods to set up? See all supported alternative payment methods.


Platform Support

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Feature Support

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Domain Verification

Apple requires that your website use HTTPS, with a valid SSL certificate, TLS 1.2 support, and a unique IP with no redirects. Merchants must re-verify their domain with a new certificate when changing domains. Reach out to Bolt Support to get your domains re-verifed.

Certificate Expiration

Bolt will manage your domain verification (SSL) certificate on your behalf. When your certificate is about to expire, Bolt will reach out to you and begin the process to renew it. In the rare event your certificate expires, the Apple Pay button will immediately be removed from Bolt Checkout to prevent broken shopper experiences.


A pre-authorization workflow is required to use Apple Pay. This is due to Apple’s requirement of an order token to initiate payment.

Pre-Existing Apple Pay Setups

To use Apple Pay with Bolt, you may have to contact both your platform and processor representative to disconnect your pre-existing Apple Pay integration.

Processor Enablement

Bolt Payments

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Third-Party Processors

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  1. Shopper selects Apple Pay and initiates first shipping & tax call; merchant obtains zipcode, country code, state, region, and placeholder phone number.
  2. Shopper authorizes the transaction; merchant obtains shopper’s name, email, phone, street address.
  3. Bolt validates using a second shipping & tax call.
  4. Bolt forwards information to Apple Pay authorization endpoint.

Platform Setup


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Magento Commerce

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Direct API

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  • The Apple Pay button must appear below Bolt Checkout due to security restrictions set by Apple.
  • Styling customizations are limited to black and white stylings.
  • Does not currently support split shipping and tax.
  • Apple Pay is not available for Product Page Checkout.

Transaction Amount Limits

Check with your Apple Pay account representative to verify transaction minimum and maximum limits.

Styling Options

You can change the style of the Apple Pay button by passing in one of the follow classes to the checkout button div:

  • Black Button, White Text: with-apple-pay-black
  • White Button, Black Text: with-apple-pay-white
  • White Button, Black Border: with-apple-pay-white-with-line
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