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Enable Sezzle for Shoppers
How to set up Sezzle for Bolt Checkout.

Enable your shoppers to use Sezzle during checkout to pay in 4 installments over 6 weeks. Unsure which alternative payment methods to set up? See all supported alternative payment methods.


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Before You Start

Merchants must have a pre-existing relationship with Sezzle before setting up this payment method.

Obtain Sezzle Keys


To set up Sezzle for a sandbox environment, create a Sezzle test account to access the sandbox credentials.

  1. Go to the Sezzle Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Retrieve the following keys:
    • Public Key: Go to Settings > API Keys > Create API Key.
    • Merchant ID: Go to Settings > Business.

Add Sezzle to Bolt Checkout

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  3. Find Alternative Payment Methods and click Add Sezzle.
  4. Provide the following keys:
    • Sezzle Public Key
    • Sezzle Merchant ID
  5. Define default division settings:
    • Currency: Select the allowed currency: USD or CAD.
    • Min Transaction Amount: Enter the minimum allowed transaction amount.
    • Max Transaction Amount: Enter the maximum allowed transaction amount.
    • Capture Payment: Select either Immediately or Manually.
  6. To enable Sezzle in checkout immediately, set the Enable in Checkout toggle to on . If you aren’t ready to make Sezzle visible yet, leave this toggle off .
  7. Select Add Sezzle.

Manage Division Settings

After you link your Sezzle account, configure how Sezzle works for each division.

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  3. Find Alternative Payment Methods and click Manage Sezzle.
  4. Adjust the division settings and click Update.

Switch or Disconnect Sezzle Account

Follow the steps in Switch or Disconnect Account.

Sandbox Testing

Refer to Sezzle’s documentation on sandbox testing.


  • Tokenization: Sezzle tokenizes less than 1% of transactions.
  • Authorization window: The default authorization window on Sezzle is 30 minutes.

Transaction Amount Limits

Amount Notes
Minimum $35 Refer to Sezzle’s documentation to set a higher minimum.
Maximum $2,500 First-time users of Sezzle may not be approved for the full amount.


These figures are for guidance only. Check with your Sezzle account representative to verify these limits.

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