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Learn about how you can capture and manage transactions in Bolt's dashboard.

Merchants can view transactions from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. By selecting a transaction, you get access to transaction details and actions such as force-approvals, recharges, refunds, re-reviews.

How to View Transactions

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Transactions.
  3. Click a transaction to view its details and available actions.


You can also navigate to individual transactions from the Transactions List in Analytics.

Transaction Details

The transaction detail view displays more information about this transaction and available actions.

  • Customer and payment information
  • Indemnification and risk information
  • Transaction events
  • Itemized receipt

Fees Breakdown - Beta Only


Transaction Fees Breakdown is in Beta release phase and currently available to participating merchants.

Click Fees to view a breakdown of the fee types applied to this transaction.


In Transactions, you can apply filters and time frames to a search to narrow the results of transactions returned. To use these controls, scroll to the sub-navigation bar and select the dropdowns to expand your options (listed in the following sections).


Filter Name Filter Type Description
Refunds Transaction A credit transaction issued to the shopper.
Payments Transaction A debit transaction paid by the shopper.
Transfers Transaction A funding transaction to the merchant.
Authorized Status Approved for transaction but not yet captured.
Cancelled Status The transaction is no longer being processed.
Completed Status The transaction was successful.
Failed Authorization Status The transaction was unsuccessful but was not cancelled or rejected.
In Progress Status The transaction is in progress (e.g., authorized but not captured).
In Review Status The transaction is being investigated.
Permanently Rejected Status The transaction was rejected permanently.
Recently Rejected Status The transaction was rejected but can be updated.
In Re-review Status The transaction is being re-investigated at the request of the merchant.
Dispute Open Dispute The dispute is active.
Dispute Won Dispute The dispute was won for the merchant.
Dispute Lost Dispute The dispute was lost for the merchant
Amount Numerical Range A dollar amount range (e.g., 2.00 - 6.00).

Time Frames

Time Range Description
All Time Default. All active and inactive transactions that have ever been processed.
Today All transactions for the current calendar day.
Past 24 Hours All transactions from the past 24 hours.
Past 48 Hours All transactions from the past 48 hours.
Past Week All transactions from the past 7 calendar days.
Past 30 Days All transactions from the past 30 calendar days.
Custom Date Any custom date range.

Reset Controls

To reset your filters and time range, navigate to the FILTER dropdown and select CLEAR ALL.

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