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Abandoned Cart Analytics
How to view abandoned cart analytics in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Abandoned Cart Analytics displays a visualization of funds deposited to your merchant bank account as a bar graph over time, allowing you to discover trend and gauge a long-term median.


Abandoned Carts Workflow

Abandoned carts have a trackable Status field that communicates the following stages:

  1. New: The abandoned cart is known but no action has been taken.
  2. Emailed: A cart recovery email has been sent out.
  3. Skipped: No action will be taken (shopper unsubscribed).
  4. Recovered: The abandoned cart was converted into a transaction.

The total value of your abandoned carts for a given period of time is split between each of these statuses if you are using Bolt to track your abandoned carts. If you are not using Bolt for abandoned cart tracking, all abandoned carts use the New status.

Abandoned Cart Details Table

Use the Abandoned Cart details table to review all key information regarding a specific abandoned cart. To view individual items associated to an abandoned cart, select a row and navigate to the Cart Details table.

Column Description
Shopper Name Name of shopper.
Shopper Email Email of shopper.
Status Status of abandoned cart (New, Emailed, Skipped, Recovered).
Order Reference The unqiue order ID.
Order Date Date cart was abandoned by the shopper.
Cart Balance Total potential revenue in USD for the abandoned cart.
Discount Available The total discount value applied to the shopper’s cart in USD.
Discount Details The discount code a shopper used during checkout.
Transaction Reference The unique transaction ID; only available if the abandoned cart was recuperated.
Transaction Status The status of the transaction (see Transaction Webhook Statuses)

Cart Details Table

Use the Cart Details table to review either a log of all items that were abandoned by shoppers or items specific to an abandoned cart selected in the Abandoned Cart details table.

Column Description
Cart ID The unique cart ID associated to the abandoned item.
Reference The unique reference number associated to the abandoned item.
SKU The unique product ID associated to the abandoned item.
Item Name The name of the item abandoned by the shopper.
Total Amount The total cost in USD for the item.
Quantity The number of product units the shopper added to their abandoned cart.
Category The item’s product category.
Size The item’s size.
Color The item’s color.
Image Url The image associated to the product in your storefront.
Item Description The item’s description displayed in your storefront.


  • Date From: The beginning of your selected date range
  • Date To: The end of your selected date range


See the Controls section for a list of all options.

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