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Checkout Funnel Analytics
Checkout Funnel analytics in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Checkout Funnel Analytics displays a visualization of the checkout completion rate and progression of the shopper through the Bolt Guest checkout funnel. It can be segmented and filtered by browser, channel, date, domain, logged into Bolt, operating system, platform, and shopper type.


Checkout Rate View

Use the dropdown in the upper left area of the dashboard to filter your view of the page reports by any of the following options (view options may depend on existing data):

  • All Shoppers
  • Browser
  • Channel
  • Domain
  • Logged Into Bolt (DEFAULT)
  • Operating System
  • Platform
  • Shopper Type



Graph Definition
Checkout Starts and Completions The number of Checkout Starts (a shopper begins a checkout process) as compared to the number of times a shopper completed a checkout process (signaled by payment authorization which ends a checkout session) over the selected period of time.
Checkout Rate by… The percentage of the selected demographic (from the Checkout View Dropdown who progressed completely through the checkout funnel.
Guest Checkout Survival Funnel (% of Starts) Percentage of Checkout Starts that completed that step of the funnel (Number of Checkout Sessions Complete Funnel Step / Number of Checkout Starts).
Guest Checkout Funnel (% of Previous Step) Of the checkout sessions that completed the previous step, the percentage that complete next step (Number of Checkout Sessions Complete Next Step / Number of Checkout Sessions Complete from Previous Step).
Guest Checkout Funnel The number of checkout sessions that complete each step of the funnel, aggregated over the whole time period selected.
Distribution of Checkout Starts The percentage of checkout starts coming from Desktop - Logged in, Desktop - Guest, Mobile - Logged In, Mobile - Guest. Each time period will equal 100%.

Guest Checkout Funnel

Funnel Step Details
1. Checkout Start Checkout session that opens Bolt’s checkout modal.
2. Shipping Details Checkout session completed entering all required shipping details fields.
3. Shipping Method Checkout session selects a shipping method.
4. Payment Details Checkout session entered all required fields for payment.
5. Checkout Complete Payment was authorized (ends a checkout session).


Term Definition
Checkout Session Unique shopping intent per shopper and merchant.
Order Token Unique identifier for a basket of goods per shopper and merchant.
Checkout Rate Number of checkout completions in time frame divided by the number of checkout starts.
Checkout Session Each unique shopping intent starts when the unique user first interacts with Bolt (any registered checkout event from them) and there is no ongoing session.

A session ends after:
  • A shopper’s payment is authorized (checkout complete).
  • 30 min no checkout activity and different order token.
  • 7 days no activity and same order token.


See the Controls section for a list of all options.

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