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Export Transaction Event Statements
How to export transaction event statements from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Transaction event statements become available every business day and also at the end of each month.

Use Cases

  • Review transaction events and payment methods
  • Analyze activity by division

Access Statements

Export Statements

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Statements > Funding Details.
  3. Click Download CSV to download a month’s statement, or expand the month row first to view the daily statements within that month.
  4. This exports a CSV file that contains the details of transaction events from this period.
  • Daily statements: daily_transaction_YYYYMMDD.csv
  • Monthly statements: monthly_transaction_YYYYMMDD.csv

Retrieve Statements via API

See Bolt’s Statements endpoint /v1/statements reference to retrieve statements via API. Set type to daily_transaction or monthly_transaction.

Reading PDF Reports

PDFs allocate one page to each currency.

Monthly Summary

  • Captured payments
  • Refunds
  • Adjustments (credits + debits + chargebacks)
  • Fees
  • Funded
  • To be funded

Processing Summary

  • Number of captured transactions
  • Number of refunds
  • Average transaction size ($)
  • Average number of transactions per day

Fee Summary

  • Bolt fees
  • Processing fees
  • Total fees

APM Payment Summary

  • Captured APM payments
  • Refunded APM payments

Reading CSV Reports

Event Types

The following event types populate in the Event Type column:

Event type Description
authorize The authorization event for a payment transaction.
capture The capture event for a payment transaction.
refund The refund transaction.
platform_fee The platform fee charged for a specific transaction capture event.
risk_fee The risk fee charged for a specific transaction capture event.
network_fee The network fee charged for a specific transaction capture event.
settled_net The net amount at settlement for either a capture or refund event.
settled_processing_fee The processing fee at settlement for a capture event.
settled_risk_fee The Bolt fee at settlement for a capture event.
settled_network_fee The network fee at settlement.
settled_apm_fee The APM fee at settlement.
settled_bolt_account_fee The Bolt Account fee at settlement.
total_fee_adjustment Sum of fees that have been adjusted against daily funding balance.
funding_transfer The credit of funds to a merchant.
funding_withdrawal The debit of funds from a merchant.
funding_transfer_reversal The reversal of funding_transfer due to rejection or failure.
funding_withdrawal_reversal The reversal of funding_withdrawal due to rejection or failure.
merchant_credit The adjustment to credit funds to merchant.
merchant_debit The adjustment to debit funds from merchant.

Payment Methods


  • alliance_data: Private label credit cards (PLCC)
  • payment_card: A card payment method; for example, credit card, debit card, etc.

Alternative payment methods (APMs):

  • affirm
  • afterpay
  • applepay
  • amazon_pay
  • credova
  • klarna
  • paypal
  • radial_paypal
  • sezzle

Custom Calculations

Use the raw report data to formulate your own custom calculations and get to the information you need. Here are some example calculations to get you started:

Calculation Description Source
Total Transaction Amount Sum of capture events Daily or monthly transaction event statement
Total Settled Net Amount (minus fees) Sum of settled_net events Bank transfer statement
Total Fee Amount Sum of all fee type events Bank transfer statement


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