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Funding Withdrawals
Learn about Bolt's funding withdrawal process and timeline for receipt of funds.

A funding withdrawal is the removal of funds from an account. Funds will be withdrawn from your bank account if the amount of refunds for a day exceeds the revenue for that day.

About Funding Withdrawals

  • Withdrawals are made from the same bank account where Bolt makes deposits.
  • The withdrawal amount is the difference between the total revenue and total refunds. This withdrawal results in no money being owed by you or Bolt and is called a zero net balance.
  • Bolt settles payments every business day (Monday - Friday). One business day is referred to as the Funding Period.
  • The normal transaction time for the deposit/withdrawal is referred to as the Funding Event. This occurs at the end of each funding period.

What to Expect

In the event of a funding withdrawal, you can expect two things:

  1. Sufficient funds are withdrawn from your bank account to achieve a net-zero balance with Bolt.
  2. The next funding event will be delayed by one business day.

This process helps to aid Bolt from continually carrying net negative balances. It also helps to prevent any reporting errors that may occur due to negative balances. In many cases, the funding withdrawal is due to the merchant having an outstanding balance with Bolt. Sending funds that would only have to be withdrawn later would be counterproductive and add to the accounting overhead for both parties. The majority of ACH transactions settle within 24-72 hours. Therefore, Bolt has settled on a 48-hour window to confirm receipt of funds.

Multi-Currency Funding

Funding withdrawals for merchants doing business in multiple currencies (e.g. USD and CAD) are handled separately. Bolt only collects sufficient funds and delays the next funding event for the currency with greater refunds than revenue. The remaining currencies' funding schedules are not affected.


See the following screenshot for an example of funding events:

  1. The funding event for May 3 (Friday) was a withdrawal. Saturday and Sunday aren’t business days, so there was no funding activity.
  2. The next funding event, May 6 (Monday), was delayed because the previous funding event was a withdrawal.
  3. Funding events and would normally have resumed on May 7. However, the funding event for May 7 (Tuesday) was also a withdrawal.
  4. As a result of the withdrawal on May 7, the next funding event on May 8 (Wednesday) was delayed. Deposit funding events resume on Thursday, May 9 (Thursday).


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