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Payout Schedule

Bolt follows industry-standard practices for settlement and funding. Funds usually become available two business days from initial order placement. Payouts are daily, which means that all sales from one day are aggregated into one payout.

Payout Schedule

The sales day is from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time).

Sales day Payout day
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday (next week)
Friday Tuesday (next week)
Saturday Tuesday (next week)
Sunday Tuesday (next week)


Funds are typically available within 24 hours of transfer, however availability may be faster or slower depending on your bank.

Bank Holidays

Bank holidays increase the payout delay if the holiday falls on the sales day, the payout day, or in between the sales and payout day.


Next Monday is a bank holiday. No transactions are processed that day. The payout schedule is altered as follows:

Sales day Payout day
Thursday Tuesday (next week)
Friday Wednesday (next week)
Saturday Wednesday (next week)
Sunday Wednesday (next week)
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