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March 25, 2022

Address Localization in Bolt Checkout #

The Improved

Bolt Checkout’s address formatting, validation, and labels now support localization. This provides a better shopper experience for international participants of the Bolt Network.

January 26, 2022

GA Roundup: January #

The New

Two new exciting features for checkout are now available!

Strikethrough Pricing

Currently available for Custom Carts and carts on Magento 2. Strikethrough Pricing newly allows merchants to show the original price of an item (MSRP) alongside the sale price.

Donations at Checkout

Currently available for Bolt Checkout on BigCommerce. Donations in Checkout allows shoppers to add a static amount or round up to an amount for donation at checkout.

July 31, 2021

GA: July Roundup #

The New

  • Checkout Previews: We’ve begun consolidating checkout feature settings into a more user-friendly dashboard component that allows for previewing different iterations of the Bolt Checkout Modal based on key features for shipping, delivery, and payment settings (among others).

June 28, 2021

GA: Late June Roundup #

The New

  • Checkout Modal: Merchants now have the option to customize the copy of the account registration checkbox for Bolt accounts created from their storefronts.
  • Checkout Modal: Merchants now have the option to hide the bulleted list of value propositions beneath the account registration checkbox.
  • Checkout Modal: The Bolt Checkout modal now supports using a custom text field. This enables merchants to provide extra content, such as unique Terms & Conditions, to the checkout experience.
  • Checkout Modal: The Guest Checkout flow now supports all of the following custom fields during the Shipping step:
    • dropdowns
    • checkboxes
    • text fields
  • Checkout Modal: Merchants now have the option to move Bolt’s Terms & Conditions above the Pay button in the Bolt Checkout modal.

The Improved

  • Checkout Modal: Bolt’s Terms & Conditions that are displayed in the Checkout modal have been updated.

March 23, 2021

GA: March Roundup #

The New

  • The Overview tab in the Merchant Dashboard has been replaced by a more robust Merchant Analytics dashboard. This dashboard includes analytics for transactions, funding, payments, risk, and more.
  • Alternative Payment Methods are now available in the logged-in checkout flow. As a merchant, you can ensure all of your customers (both logged-in and guest checkout users) can select from a variety of top APMs to complete their purchases. Bolt Account shoppers can select from Affirm, Afterpay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal as a payment method during checkout.
  • Merchants using a custom (direct API) integration can now dynamically hide Alternative Payment Methods using rules and conditions. This builds off of Bolt’s Dynamic Customizations. To enable this feature, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

February 4, 2021

GA: Updates for Early February #

The New

  • Canadian addresses are now supported when P.O. Box Restrictions are enabled and you are using Lob. This enables merchants to validate and auto-correct Canadian addresses input by shoppers.

The Improved

  • Long item names are now truncated (instead of cut off) in the shopping cart. Shoppers can read the item’s full name by hovering over it in the cart. This enables shoppers to checkout more confidently, especially when a product has many variants.

  • The Discount code input field now uses the $primary-action-color used by the checkout modal instead of the default Bolt blue. This allows more consistent theming for merchants.

December 11, 2020

GA: reCAPTCHA for Bolt Checkout #

We’ve added reCAPTCHA functionality to Bolt Checkout. Merchants can now view reCAPTCHA scores from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and define score thresholds. These thresholds screen orders placed by shoppers to determine if a shopper is a human or a bot. Orders scored below the defined threshold cannot be completed; instead, the shopper is prompted to retry placing the order.

May 29, 2020

GA: Checkboxes & Notices Update #

  • Added: Merchants can now add links to custom checkboxes and notices displayed in Bolt checkout.
  • Added: Merchants can now mark checkboxes as required.
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