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One-Time Verification Codes
Enter your email or phone number. Then, we send you a code to verify your identity. After you confirm, your purchase is just one click away.
What is Bolt?
About Bolt and the Bolt Network.
Social Authentication
Authenticate your Gmail or Apple account to log in to participating merchant stores.
Your Shopper Dashboard Account
Create, manage, use, update, log into, and log out of your account.
Bolt's Checkout Features, including using different addresses and payment methods, as well as shopping without logging into your Bolt Shopper Account.
Manage Your Wallet
You can manage your saved payment methods and cards from your Shopper Account Dashboard Wallet.
Use your Bolt Account to view and manage orders.
Checkout as Guest
If you choose not to use your Bolt Account for a purchase, you can always log out of your Bolt account from the store's checkout.
Add and remove payment methods, including cards, Afterpay (Beta), and PayPal.
Security & Privacy
Learn how Bolt uses micro-authorization to keep your information secure, and read about our privacy policies.
Bolt's Shopper Assistant
Learn about Bolt's Shopper Assistant tool.
How Bolt Accounts Work
A Bolt Account is created automatically during your initial experience with a Bolt Checkout. Your account saves the contact, shipping, and billing information provided for your first order.
Ship to Multiple Addresses
Select multiple delivery addresses for the items in your cart.
About the Shopper Assistant
Learn how the Shopper Assistant works.
Add & Use Afterpay
Add use Afterpay with your Bolt Account.
Add & Use PayPal
Update your PayPal payment method or add new ones for your Bolt Account.
Credit/Debit Cards
You can manage your saved payment methods and cards from your Shopper Account Dashboard.
Log Into the Shopper Assistant
Learn how to log into the shopper assistant widget to access personalized shopping recommendations.
Shopper Assistant FAQs
Find answers to frequently asked questions about Bolt's Shopper Assistant tool.
View Order History and Transaction Details
How to view your order and transaction history in the Shopper Dashboard.
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