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Add & Use PayPal
Update your PayPal payment method or add new ones for your Bolt Account.

Bolt offers more ways to pay than just a credit/debit card. You can use our PayPal integration to connect your PayPal account for use in select checkouts.

  1. From the payment step, select the PayPal row.
  2. Select the PayPal button to open a secure log-in tab.
  3. Log in to your PayPal account.
  4. Select a payment method associated to your PayPal account or add a new one.
  5. Select Agree & Pay.

PayPal is now added to your Bolt Account as a payment method, and your order is sent for processing.


Bolt notifies you via email whenever a new payment method is added to your account.

Unlink PayPal

You can remove a linked payment method from your Bolt Account during checkout.

  1. From the payment step, select the row that displays a saved alternative payment method.
  2. Select the ellipsis menu and select Disconnect.

This payment method is now removed from your account.

Alternatively, you can log into your account with the alternative payment method provider and disconnect your Bolt Account via their portal.

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