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What is Bolt?

This section is where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and learn more about Bolt, having a Bolt Account in the Bolt network, and the Bolt Collective eCommerce site.


What is Bolt?

How do I create a Bolt account?

How does Bolt keep my information secure?

Can I use Bolt on my phone?

Shopper Tools

Bolt One-Click Checkout

Shopper Dashboard

Shopper Assistant

Account Details

How do I update my phone number?

How do I update my name?

How do I update my address?

Why can't I update my billing address?

Why can't I reset my password?

How do I update my email address?


How do I view information about recent orders?

How do I update the shipping address for a recent order?

How do I request a return, refund, or order cancellation?

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