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Ship to Multiple Addresses
Select multiple delivery addresses for the items in your cart.


Bolt no longer supports complex shipping.

You can ship items in your cart to different addresses.


Logged-In Checkout

Click to expand.

Guest Checkout

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During the Delivery step, assign items to the shipping addresses you entered in the previous step. The Order Summary section lists the items you’ve added to each delivery.

  1. Before you select items, check the shipping address displayed at the top of the checkout page. Use the Quantity dropdowns to adjust which items ship to this address. To exclude an item from this shipment, select 0.
  2. Select a shipping method. If it’s available, you can ship this order to a nearby store for in-store pickup.
  3. Click Continue to next delivery.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 for each shipping address you added.
  5. On the last delivery page, review the Order Summary section to ensure that each shipment contains the correct items. When you finish selecting items and shipping options, click Continue to payment.


Whether you’re logged into your Bolt account or checking out as a guest, you’ll proceed through the Payment step of checkout as usual.

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