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Your Information in Bolt
Read about how Bolt handles your payment and shipping information.

When you set up a Bolt account, we securely save your payment and shipping details so that you can quickly check out across every store participating in the Bolt Network.

How We Handle Your Information

Bolt uses tokens to represent your sensitive information, such as credit card details, during transactions. This is better than using encryption methods, because a token is essentially a randomly generated code word that cannot be solved or decrypted by bad actors.

For example, a credit card 4111 1111 1111 1111 with a CVV of 000 and expiration of 03/2024 would be randomly represented by a token like 0a0b9w493a45ab67d8a9. Outside of the participating system, this token is meaningless. Tokens also expire and are re-generated over time.

One Account is All You Need

Bolt accounts use a combination of one-time passwords and single sign-on technology to put you in the checkout express lane. With a Bolt account, you’ll never have to waste time setting up a store account for a one-time-only purchase, or miss out on rewards points because guest checkout is just easier than trying to remember your login information.

Multiple Stores, Same Information

When you discover a new store participating in the Bolt Network, you can log in and automatically used your saved information to check out. You can manage your payment and shipping information from any participating store’s checkout. Updates persist across all participating store checkouts.


  • One-Time Password: A PIN sent to you via SMS or Email.
  • Single Sign-On: An account experience that has access to many websites (for example, “Login with Google”).
  • Token: A non-sensitive stand-in for sensitive information.
  • Encryption: A reversible process that converts sensitive information into non-sensitive information.
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