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Verify Micro-authorization
Verify your purchase using micro-authorization.

Micro-authorizations are temporary, small transactions (typically less than 1.00 USD) that merchants use to verify a shopper’s identity after placing an order. Once you receive the micro-authorization, you can submit the amount (e.g., 0.37) to validate your ownership of the credit card. The charge is removed from your account typically within 48 hours.

How to Verify a Micro-Authorization

You must verify your order if it has been placed on hold and you receive a verification request email from Bolt.

You can verify your purchase using the following steps:

  1. Open the verification request email. micro-authorization email
  2. In a separate tab, check your account associated with the payment method used for the micro-authorization. This authorization is labeled BLT*Temp Verify Auth in your statements.
  3. Record the amount.


    If you are shopping internationally (outside of the United States), record the amount found in the transaction’s line-item description instead of the amount displayed in the amount field.

  4. Select Verify your order in the verification email. This takes you to Bolt’s verification portal. bolt-verification-portal
  5. Input the amount.
  6. Select Verify your order.


    You must validate the amount correctly within 3 attempts. If you need help verifying your order after 3 attempts, contact the merchant’s support team.

Your micro-authorization is validated instantly.

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