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Enable Order Rejection Overrides
Define order rejection and override settings.

Merchants who use Fraud Protection can define order rejection and override settings.

Rejection Override Window

The rejection override window is the period of time during which you can override Bolt’s decision to reject an order due to high fraud risk. This action is called a force-approval.

When the rejection override window expires, the authorization is voided without capture. The order’s status then changes from Recently Rejected to Permanently Rejected.

How to Manage Checkout Settings

  1. Log into your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Checkout > Order Rejection.
  3. Update the following settings:
    • Allow Rejected Transaction Recharging: Enables merchant-liable recharges for transactions rejected by Bolt.
    • Define Rejection Override Window: Defines the window (0-96 hours) before a rejected transaction is permanently rejected. Learn more about force-approvals and authorization.
  4. Save.


Re-review expires 24 hours before the Rejection Override Window.

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