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  • Disputes Overview

    1. Customer Submits Retrieval Request A retrieval request is a demand for additional information, which may precede a dispute. A retrieval request occurs when a shopper asks their issuing bank for detailed information about a specific transaction on their account. The shopper usually makes a retrieval request because they don’t understand or recognize the charge, or because they suspect fraud on their account. The shopper’s issuing bank will then request proof of what occurred in the transaction.

  • Merchant Dispute Guide

    Merchants are able to dispute shopper chargebacks. In order to dispute a merchant-liable chargeback, you must submit proof that the customer’s claim is invalid. The more evidence you provide, the better your chances are of winning the dispute. The needed documentation may differ depending on the chargeback reason. Read Bolt’s Chargeback policy for more information.

  • Fraud Review Process

    fraud review

    Every order which passes through Bolt Checkout undergoes Bolt’s Fraud Review process; there are three major steps in the Fraud Review process: the shopper pays, the order is checked by our fraud engine, and then the order is analyzed by Bolt’s Fraud Team.

  • Place Orders with the Virtual Terminal

    The Virtual Terminal is a transaction portal that allows merchants to charge a credit card on behalf of a customer. Common reasons for using the virtual terminal include: to place a phone or in-person order, or to add a charge for an altered order (such as adding expedited shipping).

  • Review Webhook Failures

    Webhook failure notifications provide you a means of tracking and resolving a crucial part of your Bolt integration. By default, Bolt does not notify merchants when a web hook failure occurs. Webhook failure email notifications must be activated on a per-user basis.

  • Statements

    Refer to this article when reviewing your exported Bank Transfer statements or Funding Detail statements.

  • View Transactions

    Merchants can view transactions from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. By selecting a transaction, you get access to transaction details and actions such as force-approvals, recharges, refunds, re-reviews.