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Link Merchant Store Accounts with Bolt Account
Some shoppers have the opportunity to create Bolt Shopper accounts from their eCommerce accounts with participating merchants.

If you have an account with a merchant who decides to use Bolt for login and checkout, you will no longer need to use a password to login and shop on hundreds of other online stores in the Bolt Network.

Instead, you’ll use your email or phone number to login. Then, Bolt will send you a One-Time Password, and you can continue your checkout with saved payment and address information.

If you already have a Bolt Account using the same email address as your merchant’s online store account, you can pair it with your existing store accounts. Bolt will detect this for you and give you the option to link those accounts during checkout on those merchant stores.

Opt In & Create an Account

To activate your Bolt account, just log into that merchant’s site. You’ll see a sign-in modal similar to the one below with a message letting you know that your accounts can be linked. Then, you can put in your One-Time Password and enjoy your Bolt Account benefits at that store!

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Welcome, Jane!

You can now use your Bolt login to sign into your *MerchantAccount* account under *MerchantAccount*'s Terms and Privacy and Bolt's Terms and Privacy.

Then, the next time you shop online at a participating Bolt merchant store, you can login and officially create your Bolt Shopper account during checkout. We’ll make sure to tell you that your Bolt account will be created from your merchant eCommerce account

Opt Out & Decline an Account

If you decide that you don’t want a Bolt Account, avoid using a Bolt One-Time Password and checkout as a guest on participating merchant sites. However, you won’t be able to take advantage of our one-click checkout on our expansive merchant network.


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