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Shopper Account Recovery
Learn how to recover your account if you are unable to log in.

If you are unable to log into your account, you can recover it using the steps outlined below.

Reasons to Recover Your Account

  • You are unable to claim your Bolt account because someone else used either your email or phone number to sign up.
  • You signed up for Bolt with an email address and phone number you no longer have access to, and cannot log into your Bolt account.
  • You have not verified your Bolt account, and can only access either the email or phone number associated with your account — therefore, you are unable to log in.
  • Your account is unverified and you’ve forgotten the email or phone number you used to create a Bolt account.

How to Recover Your Account

  1. Navigate to the Bolt Shopper Account Recovery.
  2. Enter your shopper email address in the field provided.
  1. Bolt will send a verification code to the email you entered.
  2. Enter the code Bolt sent you in the field provided. You have 20 minutes to complete this step before the code expires.
  1. Enter a mobile number where you can receive SMS texts in the field provided.
  1. Bolt will send a six-digit code to the mobile number you provided via text. Enter the code in the field provided on the screen.

  2. You have successfully recovered your account and can continue to shop Bolt merchants or edit your account.


If you recovered a Bolt account where the email was previously incorrect or inaccessible to you, we will not be able to save your order history for security reasons.

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