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Shopper Quickstart Guide

Shop quickly and with ease across your favorite stores using Bolt Checkout. As a shopper, you can log in to your Bolt Account across all participating stores — without needing a password! Bolt Accounts centralize shopping management and save time; no more looking for you wallet or trying to find the correct saved payment method. Everything’s already there and in one place.

1. Create an Account

Accounts can be created at any participating store simply by using Bolt Checkout for the first time and select Remember my information on this device. After that, we’ll remember your device and send you a code via SMS or Email whenever you return to check out.

2. Manage Your Shopping Information

You can manage your shopping information whenever you visit Bolt Checkout.

3. Subscribe to Order Tracking

Want to track your order? You can active the SMS notification on toggle from your order confirmation page to receive order updates.

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