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Join AllPass During Checkout

Shoppers have the option to join Bolt’s AllPass membership program at participating in-network stores. By joining AllPass, you get exclusive perks like free standard shipping on all of your orders and a flat 10% discount on in-season items.

To view a list of participating brands, log into your Shopper Dashboard using your Bolt Account email.

How to Join AllPass

  1. Visit a participating store.
  2. Fill your cart with items you want to purchase.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. Select the Join AllPass free dropdown. allpass opt in
  5. Select Add AllPass.
  6. Complete all checkout steps.
  7. Select Pay.

Bolt sends you an email confirmation once you have successfully joined AllPass. You can see manage your subscription by logging into your Bolt Account from the Shopper Dashboard.


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