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Fraud Protection FAQs

To sign up for Bolt’s Fraud Protection solution for embedded checkout, you’ll submit an application so our team can assess the protection needs of your business.

Bolt offers Fraud Protection to merchants that meet certain annual GMV qualifications. If you’re eligible, you can apply from Bolt Merchant Dashboard > Fraud Protection.


Take advantage of multiple layers of protection against fraudulent transactions.

✓ Recaptcha

Our scoring system detects bot-like activity typically associated with card testing attacks.

✓ Allowlist & Blocklist

Bolt-managed rules can block pre-authorization (blocklist) or skip risk review (allowlist).

✓ Risk Machine Learning

Bolt’s machine learning generates a score based on data points collected on the order; e.g., payment information, IP address, user behavior, personal identifiable information (PII).

✓ Risk Analyst Review

The top 3% of riskiest orders are sent to an analyst for qualitative review.

✓ Micro-Authorization

Bolt can issue micro-authorization transactions to verify that the shopper has access to the provided credit card account. This occurs in fewer than 1% of declined orders.

✓ Declined Order Recovery

Merchants can view rejected order insights and request a re-review from Bolt for suspected false positives.


How does the application process work?

What are processing statements, and why do I need to upload them?

How should I format the statement files for upload?

How does a Fraud Protection contract work?

How do I offboard from Fraud Protection?

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