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Embedded Checkout FAQ

Shopper Experience

How do the guest and logged-in checkout experiences differ?

First, Bolt collects the shopper’s contact information, usually their email address, to check whether the shopper has a Bolt account.

Logged-in Checkout

If a Bolt account for this shopper exists, the shopper is prompted to authenticate via the contextual Bolt OTP modal. Then they land on the merchant’s branded one-click checkout, which Bolt loads with their saved information.

Guest Checkout

If this is a new shopper to the Bolt network, the merchant’s commerce platform collects contact and shipping information. Bolt’s fields appear in the payment step and enable the shopper to opt into the Bolt network and save this payment information to a Bolt account.

Merchant Requirements

Are there prerequisites for using Embedded Checkout?

Merchants must use a supported commerce platform.

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