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Set Up Bolt for SFCC/SFRA V2 Checkout

Learn how to integrate Bolt for Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA V2

Bolt’s Salesforce Reference Architecture Cartridge integrates Bolt’s fully-hosted Managed Checkout experience within a SFRA. The Bolt Checkout Button is installed on the SFRA Cart Page and MiniCart Component (optional) and replaces the native SFRA Checkout.

SFCC Managed Checkout Provides:

✓ Configuration Files Metadata files with System & Custom Object definitions to jump-start your integration.

✓ SFRA Frontend Integration Client-side JavaScript and ISML template files to initialize Bolt Checkout.

✓ SFRA Backend Integration

SFRA controllers and scripts functionality that Bolt does not route through OCAPI.

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SFCC/SFRA V2 Checkout Installation Guide
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