Use Webhook Events for Bolt Checkout
Subscribe to transaction webhooks to receive transaction updates for Bolt's Checkout Product.

Bolt uses a transaction webhooks service to update when payment status changes occur. Within the webhook delivery system, Bolt can directly integrate into APIs set up on your module.

To leverage these webhooks, build out a receiving endpoint that maps between Bolt’s transaction statuses and your order statuses.

Transaction Status

Webhook Type Bolt Status Definition
Pending pending (Fraud only) Payment has been authorized / order created.
Failed failed (Fraud only) Payment has failed.
Rejected Irreversible rejected_irreversible (Fraud only) Payment is fully rejected for suspected fraud.
Rejected Reversible rejected_reversible (Fraud only) Payment is conditionally rejected for suspected fraud. You may choose to manually approve.
Payment completed Payment has been fully captured.
Webhook Type Bolt Status Description
Auth authorized An authorization was issued.
Capture completed A capture occured.
Void cancelled Transaction has been cancelled.
Credit refunded Payment has been refunded.


Refunded is not a transaction status. It is a separate transaction object that shows the completed refund.

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