Set Up

Learn how to integrate Bolt with your Solidus store.

Before You Start

This article assumes you have the following:

  • Familiarity with the command line and the Ruby programming language.
  • A Solidus store.

Install Bolt Plugin for Solidus

  1. Add the following configuration commands to your Gemfile gem 'multi_json', '~> 1.11', '>= 1.11.2' gem solidus_auth_devise
  2. Add your API keys as environment variables to your local ENV file by opening terminal and running the following:
export BOLT_ENVIRONMENT=sandbox  # {{production}} for use in a live store

…Then run bundle install.

  1. Run bundle add solidus_bolt then bin/rails generate solidus_bolt:install to add Bolt to Solidus.

Setup Bolt Account

  1. Navigate to your Solidus Store’s Dashboard and login using your store credentials.
  2. In the left-hand navigation, click the new Bolt section.
  3. At the top of the screen, select either Create a Production or Sandbox Merchant Account with Bolt depending on your use case.
  4. Fill out your store information, and click Create an Account.
  5. You will receive a One-Time Code from Bolt via email. Copy the code and paste it in the next screen.

Setup Payment Method

Once you’ve successfully created a Bolt account, you will be able to connect a payment processor.

  1. Click the Link button to link the payment method you have chosen to use with Bolt.


  1. On the next screen titled Connect to Solidus, click Copy next to each credential.
  2. Navigate to the Solidus Dashboard > Bolt select your Bolt instance and click Edit.
  3. Paste in your API credentials.

Update Settings

solidus dash

You will need to activate Bolt as a payment method in your Solidus store.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  2. Click New Payment Method.
  3. In the Type dropdown menu, select Bolt.
  4. Name it Bolt Payments so you will know this method belongs to your Bolt instance.
  5. Below Auto Capture ensure Use App Default (No) is selected.
  6. Ensure Available to Users, Available to Admin, and Active are checked.
  7. Click Create
  8. Once the method has been created, change Preference Source to bolt_config_credentials and click Update.

Setup Webhooks

  1. Navigate to Bolt in the left-hand navigation and click Configure Webhooks
  2. Enter the URL where you’d like to receive webhook updates.


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