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Bring your own UI for guest checkout while providing the Bolt managed experience for your logged-in shoppers.

Gain access to the Bolt network and insight on your store and shoppers with a comprehensive analytics suite. Modular components and APIs help you create a checkout experience aligned to your business needs.

One-Click Provides

✓ Merchant Checkout

Merchant hosts both guest and logged-in checkouts for a consistently customized experience.

✓ One-Click Checkout

Bolt quickly recognizes when a shopper has an existing Bolt account, authenticates the shopper, and loads their preferences in a merchant-branded one-click checkout experience.

Benefits Overview

Merchant Benefits

Benefit Description
Customized and Connected Checkout Keep your checkout process and maintain your branded experience while tapping into Bolt’s renowned checkout infrastructure
Embedded Solution Allows the shopper to purchase within your existing checkout experience
Increased Account Creation Sits atop your ecommerce platform and enables account creation during the checkout flow
Build With Components Enables merchants to supplement and upgrade specific checkout components to create custom solutions that perfectly meet their needs, elevating the end-to-end experience

Shopper Benefits

Benefit Description
Saved Information for Faster Checkouts When customers can use their previously saved address and payment information, it’s a breeze to complete purchases
Unified Login Identity Shoppers can receive real-time order tracking, event-based notification, order resolution button redirects, and streamlined reordering

How it Works

The guest checkout experience varies from the logged-in experience.

When a shopper enters an email address or phone number into checkout, we check for an existing Bolt account.

  • Shoppers with Bolt accounts see the Bolt one-click modal.
  • Shoppers without Bolt accounts see the default checkout. They can agree to the terms & conditions to create their Bolt account.


An edge case can occur where shoppers have logged into the merchant storefront before they initiate checkout. If the merchant has enabled Bolt SSO, Bolt uses SSO to automatically trigger one-click checkout.

Getting Started with Embedded One-Click

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