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Backoffice Operations
Send transaction lifecycle updates via Bolt Transaction APIs.

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You can use Bolt’s Transaction API library to send status updates:


When updating a transaction status through an endpoint, Bolt triggers a webhook notification. You can choose to ignore these by setting the property skip_hook_notification to true.

Error Codes

The error codes listed below may be used to affect the behavior of your host page, based on the given state of Bolt’s hosted payment fields. For example, using these error code responses, you may create your own validation errors, disable the pay button, or determine other behaviors.

Code number Cause Description
1000 Credit card number is missing “Card number required”
2000 Invalid credit card number “Invalid card number”
3000 Credit card network is not supported “Unsupported card network”
1001 Card’s expiration date is missing “Expiration required”
2001 Card’s expiration date is invalid “Invalid expiration”
3001 Card’s expiration date is past “Card expired”
1002 CVV is missing “CVV required”
2002 CVV is invalid “Invalid CVV”
1003 Billing ZIP is missing “Billing ZIP required”
2003 Billing ZIP is invalid “Invalid billing ZIP”

Next Steps

After you’re done setting things up, you can use Bolt’s Test Card References to confirm all transaction scenarios are working as expected.

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