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Access Shopper Data
Access Bolt Account data via Bolt Oauth authorization.

Bolt’s Account APIs enable the store’s backend to read account details and perform account actions on behalf of a shopper. To access these APIs, provision a token with Bolt OAuth so your store backend can send the account data to your frontend and render a one-click checkout experience.

Shopper Experience

This is a backend process. The shopper will not experience any UI flow during this step.

Read the Shopper’s Bolt Account Details

The Account Details API provides account data associated with the shopper, including shopper identity, shopper addresses, and shopper payment methods.

The Bolt access token authorizes your application and identifies the shopper; it is the only parameter used for reading account details.

The API Key authenticates your application to make requests against our server. In the example below replace YOUR_API_KEY with your API Key.

curl -X GET -H "X-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY" -H "Authorization: bearer \
$requestToken" https://api-sandbox.bolt.com/v1/account


Each returned shopper address object contains a shopper_address_id. Similarly, each returned credit card object will contain a credit_card_id.

To charge a shopper’s existing credit card or use a shopper’s existing address, you’ll need to pass both the shipping_address_id and the credit_card_id into the Authorize Payment API.



Next Step

After you access Shopper Data, you will need to implement Payment Fields. This is a Front End Accounts Component that enables both logged-in and guest shoppers to transact with the merchant’s storefront.

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