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Enable Bolt Account Detection

Check whether the shopper has an existing Bolt Account for the inputted shopper information, such as email address. Embedded Checkout displays upon recognizing a shopper with a Bolt account.

Embedded Checkout can detect shoppers when they enter either an email address or a phone number associated with their account. At minimum, Bolt recommends that you configure an email address input field.

Check for a Bolt Account

To check whether a shopper has an existing Bolt Account, you can either use Bolt’s front-end detect account component or the Detect Account API.

Detect Account Component

Call the account detection function to check whether a Bolt account exists for a shopper:

let hasAccountResponse = await authorizeComponent.hasAccount({email: $email});  
// hasAccountResponse returns a boolean value that indicates whether a  Bolt account exists for this email

Detect Account Endpoint

Send a GET request to https://api.bolt.com/v1/account/exists to check whether a Bolt account exists for a user. We recommend making this call from the browser.

async function accountExists(email) {
	const response = await fetch("https://api-sandbox.bolt.com/v1/account/exists?email=" +
	const responseAsJson = await response.json();
	return responseAsJson.has_bolt_account;

Success Response

    "has_bolt_account": true,

Error Response

	"result": { 
    	"success": false 
	"errors": [{ 
      	"code": 1005, 
      	"message": "Authentication error. Invalid merchant key." 

Next Step in Shopper Flow

  • On Success + True: Authorize the shopper, retrieve shopper data, then open the Bolt Checkout modal using the embed.js script previously installed.
  • On Success + False: Send the shopper to your guest checkout experience.
  • On Failure: Send the shopper to your guest checkout experience.

Next Step in Implementation

After you enable Bolt Account Detection, you will implement the Authorization Modal. This is a Front End Embedded Component that enables shoppers with a Bolt account to log in via the One-Time Password modal.

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